D is for

Defiantly, adv. with disregard for authority
Definitely, adv. positively, unequivocally
(definately, it’s not a word. Stop it)

My husband is definitely tired of seeing posts that use “definately.”
I try to make light of it, “maybe they’re defiantly bucking the system?”
All I get in response is a side-eye.

NB: No, this isn’t strictly a homophone, but it is a frequently misused word pair.


Douse, v. to cover in liquid (often water), to extinguish
Dowse, v. to search for underground supplies by using a divining rod

They dowsed all day, desperate to find water to douse the drought affected crops.


Dye, n. color, a coloring material, a liquid containing said material
v. to add color or change the color of (dyed, dyeing)
Die, v. to cease to exist (died, dying)

The girls gathered around the table, eager to start dyeing the eggs. Each had chosen the dye she liked best, and there was much chattering about the best way to decorate. The noise died down as they got to work.


Defuse, v. to make less dangerous, to remove a fuse from
Diffuse, v. to spread or scatter

Having defused the fight, the teachers diffused their students across several classrooms as they debated how to address the situation.


Discrete, adj. separated from others
Discreet, adj. prudent, careful in one’s conduct

One should always be discreet when dividing jelly beans; the black ones should be in their own discrete pile and given to the grandparents who like them.


Dew, n. small drops of moisture often on a surface
v.to wet with
Do, v. to perform, execute, or render
Due, adj. owing or owed
n. something which is owed
adv. directly

Sasha took the solitude of the early morning as her due for keeping track of her busy family. Dew covered grass shimmered in the light of the rising sun. In due course, a family of rabbits hopped through the field, shaking dew loose, as they typically do. It was the perfect scene for sipping a first cup of coffee, but with an article due that day, she didn’t have time to linger.

NB: see also O is for and U is for


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Definitions used or adapted from dictionary.com
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6 thoughts on “D is for

  1. 3lilreds says:

    I laughed that the first word you listed was definitely/definately! I somehow got it stuck in my head as a kid that it was spelled “defininately,” even though I really am an excellent speller. Thank God for spellcheck! 😀 Happy a-to-z-ing!

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