B is for

Ball, n. spherical object (also a lavish party),
v. to make into a spherical object
Bawl, v. to cry

Since she had no ride to the ball, Cindy curled into a ball in the corner of the kitchen. Having bawled her eyes out, she dried her eyes, balled up the used tissue, and threw it in the trash.


Bare, adj. without covering or clothing,
v. to reveal
Bear, v. to hold or carry,
n. a furry mammal (usually of the Ursidae family)

Snarling, the bear bared her teeth at the servant bearing her slippers. “Why does it always take so long for you to bring something to cover my bare feet?”


Bate, v. to restrain
Bait, n. item used to trap someone or something,
v. to prepare such item, to trap someone or something

With bated breath, Saul hid in the alley, hoping he could bait the bandit. He was sure the purse abandoned on the sidewalk was the right bait for so common a thief.

Breath, n. air inhaled and exhaled
Breathe, v. to inhale and exhale air

Holding my breath, I dove to the bottom of the lake and searched for my lost bracelet. Finally, desperately needing to breathe, I kicked my way to the surface.


Buy, v. to purchase
Bye, int. farewell,
n. out of the way
By, prep. near
(Bi, pref. two, twice, or both)

Bye, we’ll see you in two weeks!” I called to my team as they advanced to the playoffs. This biannual bye week was well deserved. I headed to the store by the stadium to buy some new gear.


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Definitions used or adapted from dictionary.com
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