G is for

Google, n. brand of internet search engine
v. to search on the internet, usually with a search engine.
Googol, n. the number 1 followed by 100 zeros
Goggle, n. protective eye wear
v. to stare with bulging eyes

My eyes goggled at the vast number of results from my Google search. It seemed there was a googol of hits to dig through. Clearly I hadn’t been specific enough when I googledgoggles” to find a new pair for diving.


Grisly, adj. gruesome, grim
Gristly, adj. resembling or containing gristle
Grizzly, adj. grayish, having gray hair

The grizzly, old man sat at the counter, a grisly expression on his face. “Chicken’s gristly.” He pushed the plate away from him. “What kind of diner can’t make a decent pot pie?”


Grate, n. a framework of parallel or crossed bars
v. to have an unpleasant effect
v. to reduce to small particles
Great, adj. large in number, notable, outstanding
Grateful, adj. appreciative

Pressing his face against the grate, Bob could just make out the great field across the road. Confined to the small space for so many days, Bob was desperate for any sense of the outside world. The noises here had begun to grate on his nerves. And the food was no better. While he was grateful for the pizza on his lunch tray, Bob’s depression had grown at the sight of the grated cheese.

NB: It may be helpful to remember that grateful and gratitude both come from the same root word gratus meaning “agreeable, welcome, or thankful” in Latin.

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Definitions used or adapted from dictionary.com
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3 thoughts on “G is for

  1. Av8tor1988 says:

    I’ve been loving the approach you have taken with your challenge posts. I feel like the words you have been choosing to create your posts, are in a way, challenging themselves. People often don’t understand the meaning of words when used in certain contexts, your posts really help with that.

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