Yet She Persisted

Intended as a condemnation of Senator Warren, this tagline of womanhood has become our rallying cry.

Our mothers persisted through childbirth to give us life.

We persist through childhood, despite being told we’re not pretty, smart, talented, and athletic. Despite being told we’re not enough, we persist.

We persist through adolescence. We come to terms with our own burgeoning womanhood while boys and men treat us as objects to be desired, rather than friends to be cherished.

We persist as young women, struggling to find the line between prude and slut. Despite being advised on “how to please your man,” despite being abused, assaulted, and raped, we persist in finding our own sexuality.

We persist in adulthood, finding the balance between work and family, sometimes choosing one or the other despite those who seek to tell us what’s best. We persist through poverty, exhaustion, and fear, in service of our children, our friends, our jobs, and our lives.

We persist in making our voices heard, despite those who tell us to sit down and shut up, despite those who tell us to get back in the kitchen, despite those who would treat us as property.

When we can see no way out of despair, anger, and pain, we persist.

When there are no other options, we persist.

Yet she persisted.

Of course she did.


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