Soup, It’s What’s for Dinner

The cold hit me hard. Of course it would be with no pseudoephedrine in the house and after the pharmacy had closed for the evening.

I woke the next morning, exhausted, barely breathing, and faced with the prospect of hauling myself and both kids out to get medicine.

That wasn’t happening.

Instead, we bundled up to watch cartoons and drink orange juice.

As I scrolled through social media, I saw a number of posts about soup. Chicken noodle, baked potato, French onion… We had a bag of onions that needed chopping…

ProTip: chopping onions when your nose is stuffed up is a great idea. Seriously. I usually suffer through chopping half an onion, this time I did seven with no problems.

I knew there was a can of chicken stock somewhere, but I didn’t feel like searching for it, so I threw the onions in a pot, covered them with water, added some salt, and set them to simmer.

After a while, I remembered that onions are supposed to be caramelized for French onion soup. Oops. I melted butter in a pan, used a small sieve to scoop the onions out of the broth, and put them in the butter to brown.

Since it wasn’t going to be a real French onion soup, I threw in potatoes and carrots, salt and pepper, and a sprinkle of parsley.

After adding some fresh garlic to the onions, I put them back in the pot and let everything simmer for the day. Eventually, James got around to heating some rolls and slicing cheese, and we had a delightful dinner.

While I prefer my medicine to be science-based, nothing is quite as good for a cold as homemade soup.



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