Quantity or Quality

As I try to hit my word counts and scheduled blogging, I wonder how many of the words are worth keeping. Yes, I’m getting words, sentences, and paragraphs on the page, but how many of them will stay through the first round of editing?

I wind up stuck in my own head, knowing the words I write aren’t the right ones. They don’t convey my meaning; they don’t delve into my psyche. “Bleed on the page,” we’re told.

I wrestle with my thoughts. I’m desperate to let go and allow them to fill page after page, but I find myself stuck wondering if they’ll hold any value.

The solution: Apply Butt to Chair. Write. Keep Writing. Get into the narrative. Ignore the world. Write on.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


8 thoughts on “Quantity or Quality

    • maggiemcg says:

      I saw Liz Gilbert speak a few years ago, and she said something that sent me reeling, paraphrased: “Writers’ block isn’t real. It’s a psychological way to get you out of writing. It’s not that you don’t know what to write; it’s that you don’t *want* to write it, or you have something else you need to get through.”

      I sobbed through her talk; she had me pegged.

      Just keep writing, it’s the only way!

      • Gravity says:

        I swear it’s real, my last post was about that, you can check it out if you have the time, FACE PUNCHES AND FORGIVENESS. It may be psychological, but it’s toll is very much a physical rant in my mind.

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