Get Ready for Grammar!

I adore grammar.

In college, about half of the credits I earned for my English degree were in linguistics and grammar. The other half were split between writing and literature.

My second major (Classics) was also devoted to grammar. More than half of those credits were from studying Latin and ancient Greek.

After college, I taught high school level Latin for a few years. I nerded out HARD in those classes. I loved nothing more than working with my kids to help them learn Latin (and English) grammar.

In my journey as a critic and editor, I’ve met some awesome writers who want a refresher course in English grammar. To that end, I’ve begun my own grammar guide, starting at the very beginning: Parts of Speech.

We classify words based on how we use them. Some words (like love) can fall into more than one category. Some categories are finite, while some are infinite.

Why does it matter?
Almost every aspect of grammar references the parts of speech in some way.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll share information about the parts of speech, how we talk about them, what they do, and why they’re important.

See more from my grammar guide.


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