Ominous Hominy

As I mentioned yesterday, a highlight in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is the interaction between the two trolls: Tall Troll (Rob Paulsen) and Short Troll (Jeff Bennett).

When Tink first approaches them, Tall Troll starts to say “None shall pass,” but he’s interrupted by Short Troll objecting, “It’s my turn to say the ominous warning!”

Confession: the first twenty (hundred) times I saw the movie, I thought Short Troll said something about the “hominy twenty.”

I’m not kidding.

One day when we had subtitles on, I happened to look up and see “ominous warning” where I had always heard “hominy twenty.”

“Oh! That makes way more sense!” I proceeded to fill my husband in on my grossly misheard dialogue.

A few days later, I caught My Cousin Vinny on TV, which happens to have an amusing scene that mentions hominy grits.

So of course, I jumped on to the internet to find out what hominy means: basically, it’s ground corn, which just made me laugh more since the trolls warn they’ll “grind your bones to make our bread.”

Ominous hominy, indeed.



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