In the News

The daily struggle: be informed and scared or be blissfully unaware.

As we count down to the last day of President Obama’s tenure in the White House, I become more and more fearful of what will happen next.

I know a healthy representative democracy needs a well informed electorate, and most days, I can rally myself to dig in to the realities of what the incoming administration will try to do, but sometimes I want to barricade myself, my husband, and our children from what may be the worst presidency in the history of our country.

I feel more hopeless for our future than I did after 9/11, and I feel helpless to do anything about it.

Out of about 231 million Americans eligible to vote, only 62,979,879 voted for Trump, which is only about 27% of the population, but still, my faith in the people of this country has been shaken.

On a day like today, when we celebrate, remember, and honor Dr. Martin Luther King and the brave men and women who fought (and still fight) for civil rights, I aim to keep my focus on what we are capable of.

…we’ve been in the mountain of indifference too long and ultimately we must be concerned about the least of these; we must be concerned about the poverty-stricken because our destinies are tied together. And somehow in the final analysis, as long as there is poverty in the world, nobody can be totally rich.

~From Dr. King’s Sermon at Temple Israel of Hollywood, February 26, 1965


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