I know we’re all scared and angry, and the easy thing is to mock Trump and the people who voted for him, but that won’t DO anything except prove them right.

The rhetoric from the GOP is that “liberal elites” think they’re better than “real America.” By calling Melania a whore, by questioning “redneck red state” voters’ intelligence, but going for the cheap laugh with pee jokes, we’re giving them all the evidence they need to keep propagating the myth that we think we’re better than they are.

By all means, stay angry and stay afraid, but find a way to turn it into something productive.

All Trump and the GOP need to maintain control is an ill-informed or misinformed electorate, easily distracted by memes. Trump wants us focusing on his feud with Meryl; he wants us making memes about golden showers. They keep us distracted from his lack of transparency, from the multiple conflicts of interest in his cabinet, from the appointment of his son-in-law as an adviser.

Please don’t get distracted by the small things, keep your eyes on the prize: protect the least among us, protect the constitution, protect this great American experience.


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