On Privilege

For this week’s Word Wednesday, I’m sharing my essay On Privilege which previously appeared on my blog, On Life and Other Adventures.

Now more than ever, it’s necessary for us to understand what privilege means in the context of our society.


On Life and Other Adventures

PrivilegePrivilege. It’s been a hot topic in the past few years, especially in this election cycle.

The consensus seems to be that the most privileged members of society are super-rich, college-educated, white, millennial men. They have access to untold disposable income, they have the world at their fingertips, and they aren’t held back by anything. While it may be accurate that Joe Trustfund of the Hampton Trustfunds is the most privileged guy in the United States, it’s a very narrow guideline for privilege in the modern era.

Privilege is having theresources to buy groceries in bulk,
driving to work without worrying that your car will break down,
not worrying about how you’ll pay your electric bill this month,
being able to decide whether or not your children go to day care,
having access to quality education, medical care, the internet, and clean water,
not worrying that your…

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