More Word Choices

When the AP reported that – according to their research – Hillary Clinton had won enough delegates and super delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination for POTUS. Having crunched the numbers and contacted all of the super delegates, the AP stated that Secretary Clinton was the “Presumptive Nominee” and people lost their collective minds.

Sanders supporters were livid.

How dare they announce that she’s won the nomination before the polls on Tuesday?

As I said in Word Choices, picking the right words matters a lot.

In this case, it’s a case of people selectively misrepresenting what has actually be said.

  • There was no announcement from Secretary Clinton’s campaign or the Democratic Party
  • There was a report from a well-respected organization
  • No one declared Secretary Clinton the winner
  • Math provided a logical conclusion

Pick the right words, read the correct words, don’t change meaning when relaying the information you’ve read.


3 thoughts on “More Word Choices

  1. Av8tor1988 says:

    I feel like this a huge problem with journalism, things are said, written down and then the correct words get twisted into something completely different. It’s quite annoying actually, especially since the number one rule of journalism is to always be accurate, cite your sources and report the facts!

    • maggiemcg says:

      Exactly. Unfortunately we live in a world of “click bait” and headlines often misconstrue the facts of an article. People also tend not to read an entire piece before passing judgment on it. Put those together, and we’re left with a constituency that is unwilling to make educated decisions. That’s a recipe for disaster.

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