Latin Abbreviations (Part I)

e.g. abbreviation of exempli gratia, a Latin phrase meaning “for the sake of example” – used to show examples, but not a full list

George loves dogs, e.g. dachshunds and terriers.


i.e. abbreviation of id est, which is Latin for “that is” – used to give further information or clarification

The best movie for a first date is a comedy, i.e. one without too much violence or romance.


etc. abbreviation of et cetera which means “and the rest” in Latin – refers to the rest of a list of things (et al is used for people)

Make sure we get all the supplies: plates, cups, etc.

N.B. “etc.” is pronounced /et set-er-uh/ or /et se-truh/
never /ek-set-er-uh/ or /ek-se-truh/ don’t do that.


N.B. abbreviation of nota bene. Latin for “note well” – used to point out something of importance to the reader.

N.B. cookies are best paired with ice cold milk


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