Isabelle’s Inkies

Original InkieIn the dells of Mescousin, there was a great lake, at the north of which was a small spring, tended to by a kindly woman called Isabelle. Her family had lived by the spring for longer than any of the residents of the nearby town could recall

One evening, having returned from a visit to town, Isabelle reflected on the changes she had seen. People were no longer neighbors and friends; instead they were mere acquaintances, content with nodding at each other as passersby and ignoring those in need. Isabelle was disheartened; the world needed more goodness, more caring, more friends.

Late that night, as a full moon shone down on the lake, Isabelle set out with a few precious items in her arms. At the mouth of the spring, she measured and mixed ingredients until her brew was complete. Drop by drop she poured the liquid into the spring. As the water bubbled forth, each drop of the potion arose from the spring, forming a special new creature. Isabelle greeted her Inkies with a warm embrace and sent them out into the world to spread kindness and joy.


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