Writing Prompt: Travel

One of my former students, Tricia, is running a weekly writing challenge this year.  Each Monday she posts three writing prompts, which may or may not be connected, and from which participants may choose. They can then share a link in a comment on her blog, and join in the conversation and challenge community.

This week, the prompts are about travel.

Journal Prompt: If you were given the chance to go anywhere in the world for one week, where would you go? What would you do while you were there?

These questions are beautiful ice breakers; there are the people who want to visit Europe, the United Kingdom, Bermuda, the Caribbean. You’ll also get a few people who want to go to Thailand, Sri Lanka, or Uruguay. Regardless of their answers, you’re bound to get into a lively conversation.

So I was quite surprised to discover that I don’t have a solid answer to these questions.

The exhausted parent in me wants to throw a tantrum until someone sends me and my husband to an all-inclusive resort where we can lounge around for 168 hours.

As a former Latin teacher, I should be plotting an intense tour of Italy, with visits to Rome, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and – like any self-respecting Classicist – a stop in Tuscany.

The English major side would love to spend time in London, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Derbyshire. Of course while there I’d have to pop over to Ireland and Scotland to see where some of my ancestors came from.

Of course, the fun mom side of me wants to take an epic Disney vacation: the parks, the resorts, the restaurants, the cruise.

But when it comes right down to it, the wanderlust side wins out. I would just get in the car with James and see where we end up. I love traveling with James, it’s a staple of our life together: driving to concerts that are hours away, deciding on a whim to take a road trip up to the mountains in the middle of the summer, puttering around town to find out where all of the roads lead, and driving across the country to finally put down the roots we want.



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