Just Write

Don’t bother with platitudes, explanations, or background.
Just write out your thoughts, feelings, and fears.

Don’t worry about comparisons or what other people say.
Just write what you need to: get the story out.

Don’t worry about non-fiction versus fiction.
Just write the words that spin in your head.

Don’t think about the “what ifs” that come after the work.
Just focus on the “what ifs” that can make your story soar.

Don’t stress about the readers, they aren’t the why.
Just be true to what is bursting to be created.

Just write, the rest will work out.
Just write, that’s all you need to heal.
Just write, all that matters is your work.
Just write, the fear will calm down.
Just write. Just fucking write.

Maggie Writes Stuff


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